How To Solve PubG Mobile Pc Crash

If you play PUBG Mobile on PC and you have been crashing recently, stop worrying. It is not a failure of your system, nor is it something irremediable, and in this tutorial we will assist you. Here you will learn how to fix PUBG Mobile crash on PC. How are you going to know? PubG Mobile is free for PCs on the condition of downloading an emulator. Of course, it is a game only for mobile devices, but the truth is that transporting it to a PC is somewhat more comfortable.

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How to Solve PubG Mobile Pc Crash

How to Solve PubG Mobile Pc Crash

That said, PUBG Mobile crash on PC is not caused by the fact that your computer is bad, nor by anything that puts your files at risk, such as a virus. The drawback lies in your antivirus.

If you have a good enough computer protection service, it is possible that it is blocking the execution of the processes that are carried out when you play from the emulator. Windows protect is not a case of this, and you should be able to play the game without any problem if you only have the protection of the system itself.

The only way to fix this bug is to exclude the game and the emulator from the processes verified by the application. This process changes depending on the antivirus you use, but generally you can locate it from its configuration. Contact your service's user support if you still can't find a way.

In short, the drawback with PUBG Mobile for pc arises as a result of a confrontation between your antivirus and the emulator you use. This means that your files are fully intact and you don't need to get involved in any kind of strange process that you don't know about. Simply focus on understanding how your application works, so that it does not affect the game or any of its code, thus allowing you a completely smooth and uninterrupted game.

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