How to Silence Reactions in Clash Royale

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Clash Royale is a strategy game where you will have to face an opponent and both of you will have to protect your towers and destroy those of the other with the cards you have in your deck of cards. It is one of the best-known multiplayer games on the planet and already has thousands and thousands of users and millions of downloads.

Keep in mind that in order to advance in this game it is essential to play each and every day for at least a good amount of time in order for us to advance and achieve improvements to more adequately advance to the more demanding levels. If you want to know how mute to employ reactions Clash Royale Just keep reading this article!

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How to Silence Reactions in Clash Royale

How are reactions achieved in Clash Royale?

Reactions can be acquired buying them in the store where you will be able to achieve normal reactions and others in offers. Also possibly you will achieve them on the trophy path where you will achieve them for free but you will have to play a certain amount of time to be able to advance enough.

Keep in mind that there are many other exclusive events or challenges where we are going to be able to achieve certain reactions that could suddenly be more unique, being made specifically for certain events, such as Christmas or Halloween. In the Royale Pass we will also achieve exclusive reactions for us and naturally, also when activating the Supercell ID we will be treated to a legendary reaction.

How to Mute to use Reactions in Clash Royale

Your opponents may bother you in an exaggerated way with reactions, trying to distract you to be able to make a move and take advantage of the time you spend without paying attention to see a reaction, but the good news is that you can mute the reactions tapping the reactions icon and tapping mute throughout the battle and this way you'll be able to play without any distraction or disturbance.

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