How To Set Up Stumble Guys On Pc

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Stumble guys is one of the most entertaining games of the moment, causing many people to fill themselves with hours and hours of fun with each of their games every day. All this buzz has made people who don't have a mobile device or who feel more comfortable on their PC want to enjoy this fantastic game as well.

There is nothing better than being able to play your favorite game in the most comfortable way of each and every one. Knowing all this, we want to make things considerably simpler for you if what you want is set up Stumble guys directly from your PC, and so with this, you can play amounts of hours without problems.

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How to Setup Stumble Guys on PC

How to Setup Stumble Guys on PC

Have Stumble Guys on your PC it's one of the things that can give you an inconceivable amount of fun, apart from the fact that you don't have to worry about having a phone to play it.

Now, we know that generally to be able to play it we would need our fingers, but this time we will help you correct this, so just follow the steps that we are going to give you below:

  • First we must download an Android emulator, preferably BlueStacks.
  • After installing it we must link our Google play account to make sure we don't lose any progress in the game.
  • You must install the game Stumble Guys and once inside you must enter settings.
  • You will go to the part where assert controls, customize and reduce the size of the signs that appear on the screen.
  • Then they should go to a part of game controls in bluestacks, advanced controls, and finally go to adapted controls.
  • There they will configure the movements of the avatar on the left side, and the jump or glide controls on the right side.

At first it is usually a bit difficult to adjust to the controls of Stumble guys on PC, but once done you will be able to enjoy the game without inconvenience.

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