How to Send Coin Master Link to Request Cards

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As is well known by each and every Coin Master player, adding friends to your Coin Master contact list gives you rewards. Then it would be good to look for alternative options to grow the list of contacts and request certain resources. For example, search for how to send a link to Coin Master to request letters.

As soon as you connect with a new friend, and this friend meets the established conditions, you win forty spins at no cost. But if in addition to this you can share your link and get letters and other resources, that would be really great. So go ahead and start sharing your Coin Master link.

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How to Send Coin Master Link to Request Cards

Advantages of sharing your Coin Master link

Sharing your Coin Master link is extremely useful, since through this action you can receive incredible benefits such as:

  • Add active people in Coin Master and have someone to count on when you need it in the game
  • Exchange cards for those you need
  • Send and receive gifts such as spins, coins and pet food, among others
  • Attack villages of known people who you already know what level of the game they are at and what their weaknesses are
  • Ask for help when participating in events or quests

You can share your Coin Master link with your friends to get cards and fill your builds considerably faster.

How to Send Coin Master Link to Request Cards

The process of submitting your Coin Master link is quite easy. However, it is essential that you follow each of the steps as indicated below:

  • Open the Coin Master app and go to the menu located in the upper right corner
  • Look for the friends menu and your list of friends will appear there
  • Select your friends with whom you want to share your link and press the invite button
  • The game will show you three invitation options: from Messenger, from WhatsApp or as an SMS. Choose the one you want
  • You will be redirected to the chosen app and your link will be automatically created, send it to the contacts you want

In case you want to use another application to send your link, you can copy it and save it to the clipboard. So you can paste and share it from any app, whenever you want.

By sharing your Coin Master link you are not only inviting new players to be a part of the game. You can also receive letters from him to fill your compilations.

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