How to Sell a PubG Mobile Account

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Did you stop using your account? PUBG Mobile and you are looking for a way to take advantage of it? In this article we are going to show you what you must do to be able to sell a PUBG Mobile and get the most out of it. First we are going to establish how much your account is worth. Keep in mind the different factors that could increase the value. It's all about the number of CUs in it, how long you've been with it, the unique items you have, and generally, the resources you have. 

We mention in passing that you have the account due to the fact that this could increase its value. An old account, with exactly the same amount and accessories as a new account containing exactly the same features always and in all circumstances is worth considerably more.

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How to Sell a PubG Mobile Account

How to Sell a PubG Mobile Account

Another factor that could increase the sale value of a PUBG Mobile account is the number of ban alarms. An account with a somewhat shady track record tends to reduce its value relative to the competition. That said, an account with the previously mentioned aspects, fulfilled in the proper way, can even be worth four hundred US dollars with UCs included. 

Now that you've set your PUBG Mobile account value, let's move on to the selling part. The place we recommend is free market. It has a good position in Google. This means that if a person searches for “buy PUBG Mobile account”, this place will probably appear first.

Lastly, we invite you to publish in Facebook sets with the theme, and also do it in English. The latter is essential, since this way you will not only focus on people who speak your language, but now your set of potential buyers is doubled.

We hope this article has served as training for you to start selling your first PUBG Mobile account. 

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