How to Scrim in Apex Legends 

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The scrims are called in Spanish as "escaramuza", essentially they consist of a way of simulating a fight to be able to practice and try to reproduce different situations that can happen to us on the battlefield before playing in high ranks or highly competitive championships. Scrims are used in most online Battle Royale games and the Apex Legends is not the caveat. For this reason, in the article we are going to explain how you can easily scrim in Apex Legends. 

En Apex Legends to do scrims we must have our best squad, with which we are ready to compete in any championship, we invite you to use legends that have synergy when creating your squad so that they are useful when fighting together on the battle island. The scrims are friendly games that we are going to play with other squads that aspire to play competitive championships in the Apex, as a general rule they are high-ranking players or the best in the area, so you must practice a lot and achieve the best strategies to sustain yourself stand up in Battle Royale matches. 

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How to Scrim in Apex Legends 

How to Scrim in Apex Legends 

When you do scrims you have to take care of yourself as much as if you were going to play a championship, you cannot do a scrim as if you were not playing anything in that game, the championships of Apex Legends they are extremely competitive and we will find high level players, so you need to use voice chat to communicate with our allies immediately, in this genre of games there is no room for text chat, we must have the necessary equipment to be able to optimize our gaming experience. 

There are groups of players who publish their intention to play scrims through social networks in the groups of Apex Legends, there you can with your squad test all the level they have, getting the most out of the game to learn to play better. 

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