How to Report a Hacker in Clash Royale

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Clash Royale It is a very amazing game and it is identified by having high levels of strategy. This is to say that to win you not only need to have the tools, but rather the psyche as well. However, there are countless people who are not restricted to just having the things that the game offers and therefore begin to use cheats.

If you met a person and you thought their game was unfair, we are going to teach you how to report a hacker on Clash Royale easily and without difficulties. Let us begin!

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How to Report a Hacker in Clash Royale

How to report a hacker in clash royale?

A hacker is a person who, through computer programs, has the possibility of obtaining benefits in the game that other people cannot have. They generally use certain tools to have infinite gems and coins, cards at the level limit and even infinite elixir. if you see a person using two elixir six cards at the same time, most likely is a hacker.

In order for you to report a hacker, you need to access the three main lines present in the main menu. Once there, he presses activity log. A new screen will be displayed with the arenas you have recently fought. In this section ofyou must locate the player who you think used some hack.

Now, it is time to press the option to see your profile and choose your name for a few seconds. By copying your username, you contact the developers through the Help and assistance, to explain the reasons for the request you are making.

The moderators of super cell They work constantly and daily so that the game has a safe environment, but due to the number of demands that arrive, your case will probably be taken care of in the next two days. So, keep this aspect in mind before making the request. It is better that they take care of her in this period of time than that this cheating character is never revealed.

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