How to Remove Auto Aim in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends is a first-person Battle Royale where action prevails, open field battles full of movement, but, above all, entertainment. The game allows you to change a series of settings to your liking, with the aim of having a completely adapted and comfortable experience. If you want to know how to remove auto-pointing in Apex Legends, we are going to show you in this tutorial how to do it, as well as what you should do once you access this alternative.

Although it may be comfortable for many beginners, this alternative has certain drawbacks. And it is that auto-pointing completely takes away your authority over the game, making it the computer that points, and not .

How to Remove Auto Aim in Apex Legends

How to Remove Auto Aim in Apex Legends

This means that sometimes you may want to target things other than the opponents, but there will always be this alternative preventing that from happening. It is that, in addition to this, it is uncomfortable on certain occasions not to be able to aim at a specific place due to the fact that the game decided to move the crosshairs towards a specific opponent in a set of multiples.

We remind you that this kind of shooters require that their users be able to configure every minimum size. An example of this is PUBG, where you can even change the zoom genre for each zoom genre. It can be noted that this is an alternative that can only be configured on PS4 and Xbox. Computer players are not allowed to have this kind of help. However, those who play with a controller know how difficult it is to aim with controllers. 

Unfortunately, the developers have not bothered to improve the aiming interface, nor have they created a way to disable the assisted aim in the game, thus complicating the comfort of those who play on console. 

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