How to Remove a Clan in PubG Mobile

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A clan is a fundamental level jump in the PubG Mobile, because you feel absolutely safe to lead a set of guerrillas in the game to accomplish the goals of a guild. In a clan you can invite friends or people that you think should be in your clan to progress its level, so you have a very big responsibility to guide a project to be able to enter any competitive championship both in your area and in a world cup

When you feel that you can no longer continue with the clan for some personal reason, or that it has not turned out the way you wanted, you can delete it with a single procedure, here we will explain how you can clearly remove a clan in PUBG Mobile with a single procedure. 

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How to Delete a Clan in PubG Mobile

How to Remove a Clan in PubG Mobile

Normally you can't remove a clan in the PubG Mobile Unless it does not have active members, so making the decision to remove the clan is not going to be easy if the members want to continue. As the guild leader you have two options, you can either leave the guild and have the co-leaders run the guild as if it never existed, or simply discuss the disintegration of the guild with each of the members, delete them one by one, and when you remain as a sole member and you leave, cease to exist permanently.

The deletion of a clan can be caused by internal problems between leaders, or because things simply did not go as you wanted and the members did not live up to your hopes of taking the clan to the top of the rankings. We invite you not to add people to your clan without seeing their level of play in detail, it is useless to fill the fifty members of a clan if none of them has enough level to make your guild respected.

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