How to Recharge Coin Master

How to Recharge Coin Master

Have you run out of spins and want to continue playing Coin Master? Surely you have tried each and every one of the legally possible options. Then it's time to recharge Coin Master.

Recharge Coin Master it's nothing difficult enough, on the contrary it's simpler than you think. Only that you must estimate that the payment method that you register in the game will not be saved in exactly the same but rather in applications such as Google Play.

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How to Top Up Coin Master

How to top up Coin Master

Coin Master offers you great deals so you can use your card and purchase the resources you need with real money. This way you will have fun for longer and you will receive incredible prizes for your purchase.

To top up Coin Master you need to have a card registered on your device. You must remember that no payment procedure is directly associated with the game, but rather with the download platform, such as Google Play, iTunes or Amazon.

Follow the instructions below and top up Coin Master so you can play longer:

  • Open the game download platform and press the profile icon in the upper right corner
  • Select the Payments and Subscriptions option, and then Payment Methods
  • You will get the option Add payment method, here you must choose the card you want to register
  • Follow the process indicated by the application to finish
  • When the card is already registered, enter Coin Master and search for the store. In it you will be able to see everything you can pay and the recharges you can make. You can recharge spins, chests or coins
  • Choose the recharge you want. The game will automatically direct you to the platform to confirm your payment.
  • Wait a few minutes, and you will see your available recharges

If you do not see your recharged resources reflected, try closing and opening the game application so that the game is updated. If you still can't see the reloads, log out of the game and start it again.

In case you still do not see the recharges reflected in the game, contact the developers or the support of the platform from which you made the payment. This way you will be able to know what caused the failure for which the requested recharge was not effective.

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