How to Rate a PubG Mobile Account

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If you are planning to sell a PUBG Mobile account, then you are in the right place. In this guide you will learn how to value a PUBG Mobile account, from the money you have invested to the number of items you have. To value an account PUBG Mobile you must estimate only four aspects that you will have to qualify. If you are new to this, have no fear as it is quite an easy process.

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How to Rate a PubG Mobile Account

How to Rate a PubG Mobile Account

  • The first aspect is the money you have invested in the account. It is very simple. The amount you have spent, multiply it by one with three or one with five and it will give you part of what your account is worth. It also takes into account the amount of UCs, BPs and redeemable items you have in your inventory, since they add value to your inventory.
  • The second aspect, more than the time you have been playing, is the time when you entered the game. An account with era 1 outfits and exclusive era 1 stuff will be worth more than a newly created one. 
  • The third aspect is similar to the previous one. But it's about clothes. The more clothes that have come out in a limited way you have, the more expensive the account will be, taking into account that certain outfits are exclusive for a certain time and that they cannot be obtained again. 
  • The fourth and last aspect that you must estimate is the history of the account. A user ID with multiple reports can reduce the cost of the account. In addition to this, taking into account the amount of Royale Passes that have been leveled up is a good way to increase the cost of an account. 

Now, to value an account PUBG Mobile You should only assess the aspects that we previously estimated. To give you an idea, an account that has each and every one of the perfect aspects, as we have said, can be worth three hundred to four hundred US dollars, without adding the money spent on UCs and amount of tokens included. game. An economic account, which does not meet the established specifications, costs about fifty US dollars

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