How to PVP in Apex Legends  

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En Apex Legends, the entire community is extremely competitive, therefore, each of the players wants to test their level of play and become the best player in their area. The best way to assess the level of any user in a shooting game is through a pvp, where they will be able to see each and every one of the individual qualities on the battlefield. In the article, we are going to explain how you can do PVP in Apex Legends. 

This magnificent game still does not have a specific way to be able to carry out adapted rooms, so the only option we have to carry out a PVP is through the shooting range.

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How to PVP in Apex Legends  

How to PVP in Apex Legends  

To be able to enter this field we must log in to our preferred account and when we are in the main lobby, place ourselves in the lower left part of the screen, there you will press the shooting range and you will locate yourself in an essentially training area. The moment you join this training zone with a friend in groups, there is an option in the general settings with which you can fight and PVP, which will allow you to measure forces against your ally. You must take into account that before entering the training field, they must regulate what weapons they will use, and what will be left while they are in confrontation. 

Pvp is the best way to test your level in the game, you compete with anyone individually, and you can challenge any user who has a toxic behavior with you in a Battle Royale game to prove who is the best. It is essential that you practice each and every one of the basic aspects of the game so that you can give your opponent a worthy battle, practice the mechanics a lot and play the Apex Legends so that you win each and every one of the pvp that you make in the shooting range.

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