How to put out the fire in Rise of Kingdoms  

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The attacks on Rise Of Kingdoms against the allied civilizations will always and in all circumstances be incessant, there will be other guilds looking for a fight and with the goal of being able to keep the land. However, there are different ways to defend yourself and not allow them to end your adventure. In this article, we are going to explain in detail the best defense techniques in the game, such as putting out the fire in Rise of Kingdoms

Your civilization can burn like a very iconic animation when you perceive an attack in the Rise of Kingdoms, in order to avoid this, we must have different troops that we are going to level up throughout the game, because while fewer buildings can attacking the opposing guilds, it will be considerably simpler to be able to return to reappear our civilization.

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How to put out the fire in Rise of Kingdoms  

How to put out the fire in Rise of Kingdoms  

Within this incredible game, it is necessary to have the right strategies when defending yourself. In addition to this, in the event that your city has completely burned down, you can spend three thousand gems to automatically put out the fire and put a shield on it that will block the next attack that another guild can make. 

When you see that a user of your coalition that his village is burning, you need to be able to assist him with certain troops that you do not have occupied, in order to support him before they finish with his civilization before ending the attack. In the Rise of Kingdoms We must be very supportive with the companions who have our purposes in the game, this will help us to advance faster than other players and make our area grow quickly. 

With these procedures and a good amount of troops, you will be able to put out the fire in Rise of Kingdoms without any inconvenience, we invite you to always have different strategies to withstand high-danger opponent attacks such as fire. 

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