How to put Apex Legends in Full Screen

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It is a fairly recurring inconvenience in PC games not being able to play them in full screen. All this started with Minecraft and Terraria, two games in which it was not enough to start them, but they also had to be configured from the options so that they are displayed on the entire PC screen. 

Now exactly the same failure is repeated, but in the Battle Royale for PCs of the moment. If you want to know how to put Apex Legends in full screen, we are going to show it to you now.

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How to put Apex Legends in Full Screen

How to put Apex Legends in Full Screen

Apex Legends is a First Person Shooter of the Battle Royale type, in which they add different mechanics to those of the common game mode, in which players are suppressed until there is only one squad left standing. More of the reasons to play Apex We chat another time. Here we are going to show you the procedure so that you can play in full screen. 

Your computer has a set of function keys that you can take advantage of when it comes to facilitating processes. An example of this is F5, which loads any tab again, or F12, which saves files immediately. 

Within this extensive selection of keys is F11, which is the default function button used to have an application in full screen, suppressing the horizontal icons below.

Games like Apex previously had a full screen setting. However, with the evolution of operating systems, which increasingly try to intervene in the processes they execute, they included this function by default, so that you should not be looking for an alternative that allows your game to access the screen. complete. 

This is why if the above way doesn't work for you, then you can try pressing Alt+Enter. This combination fulfills exactly the same function as F11, but with certain minor alterations.

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