How to put Apex Legends in English

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Apex Legends is a game that is free in most countries on the planet. This means that when you play, no matter what language you have it in, you can be facing people who play even from Europe, being from Latin America. There are quite a few people wondering how to put Apex Legends in English. In this guide on the game settings we are going to show you the way you should continue to change the language of the game and choose the one you want. 

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale developed by Respawn Entertainment and EA. It is a game that has a group of professionals behind it, dedicated to expanding the world of gaming little by little, and contributing to creating a game that people enjoy.

In this sense, the game has all kinds of configurations, from the sensitivity of the game to the keys that you want to use to activate each mechanic of the game. Similarly, there is a way to put Apex Legends English.

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How to put Apex Legends in English

How to put Apex Legends in English

The game is free for PS4 and PC, aside from another set of consoles for the season. The truth is that the configuration does not change much between each platform. Only the configuration of the keys is added to the PC, but so far there are not many differences, apart from the language. If you play on PS4, you will have to change your entire language system. It is somewhat counterproductive, since if you want to have other games in Spanish you will not be able to do so. But so far, it's the only way to put Apex Legends in English on PSXNUMX.

On the other hand, if you play on PC, you will need to have the Origin launcher installed on your desktop. Now just start the app to log into your account. So, access your game library and right click on Apex Legends. 

Then you will have to press the game properties button, until you go to advanced options, where among many other things, the language in which you want to play the game will appear. So, choose English and you will have everything perfectly configured. 

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