How to play with bots in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a shooting game in Battle Royale mode that we can download completely for free. This magnificent game has legendary characters, each of them has unique and very original abilities that we can use at different times when we are on the battlefield.

The goal of most players is to dominate as many legends as this incredible shooter has, carry out great strategies together and create synergies to be able to use it in competitive championships, the more you can create, the greater the chances of raising your gaming experience.

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How to play with bots in Apex Legends

How to play with bots in Apex Legends

There are many ways to practice your skills and play daily, but one of the best ways to simulate a game in real time is to play with bots, so in this article we are going to show you how you can do it to improve your level of play. 

In order to play and face bots you must go to the shooting range, the one that appears in the main lobby of the game after having logged in to the account of your choice. Once you are in the shooting range you will see two practically identical caves at the end, you must enter the one on the left hand side of your legendary story.

It should be noted that before entering and being able to activate you must throw your weapons and the ammunition you have in your inventory to the ground. This trick is called Passcheck, to be able to incorporate it you must press the letter "M" and select the Pathfinder legend story and pick up a metal beam that is at the end of the grotto, the beam will help you illuminate the dark place, where you find a leaf, use in Pathfinder to be able to get on the leaf and pass the wall. Once you pass the wall, robots will start running to shoot you, you can go back, pick up your weapons and start practicing, it is very similar to Call Of Duty's zombie mode, the more bots you suppress, the greater the number that will appear.

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