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"Toca life world” is an application for children over six years of age in which you can create your planet and represent the stories you want. This game concentrates each of the Toca Life applications (such as City, Vacation, Office, among many others) in one unique place, now everything is connected in a very, very big gaming planet. In this game we can put our capacity to the maximum generating stories with our favorite avatars in the location that we want. Essentially it focuses on the imagination of the little ones and teaches us what the planet is like.

Do not think that we are going to be alone on our planet, a lot of avatars await us to play with them, but we want to play with our friends. What can we do? To play with our friends we must open Game Center and press the option to add friends , we enter the number or e-mail of the friends that we will add, we have to enter “Toca life world” to start playing with them and live the stories that we most want.

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How to Play Toca Life World

How to Play Toca Life World

The developer of “Toca Life World” is Touch mouth, since XNUMX they have published more than thirty applications and there is still considerably more to come. Today the game has more than one hundred million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. Let's imagine how many downloads it's going to have in total including each and every platform to play on, it's a huge huge amount, adding the majority of five star ratings this is undoubtedly a magnificent game.

In this game we find buildings, houses, pets, scenarios, secret locations, clothing, and more. Very original the fact of incorporating each and every one of the Toca games in just one creating a mega planet, always and in all circumstances there will be new things in "Toca Life World" so let's activate the automatic updates so as not to miss any news, What are we waiting for to start having fun? Since nothing has arrived, it's our turn! . 

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