How to play pubg mobile with controller without octopus

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PubG Mobile It is a very varied game that has different ways to improve our level in the Battle Royale. Having a very competitive community that could cheat to win at all costs, Tencent Games was forced to limit the use of controls, imposing a permanent ban on those players who are detected playing with a control, since this gives an excessive advantage compared to those who enjoy the PUBG Mobile using only your fingers and the touch screen.

Given all this situation, the users of the community of this beloved shooter have looked for many alternative options to be able to continue playing with their controllers, most of them using third-party applications to be able to keep their controller activated without Tencent Games being able to notice it. This type of application is essentially a hack and this is not supported by the game developers, because although in other games you can play with a controller without any problem, in PubG Mobile the use of controls is currently somewhat limited.

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How to play pubg mobile with controller without octopus

How to play pubg mobile with controller without octopus

The octopus is essentially the platform that users in the community use to keep their control activated, but if this seems cumbersome to you and you want to play without octopus, you are in the right place, we will briefly explain how you can use your control without specify applications running as third parties.

In different places you will be able to get an updated format for ipega gamepads, which are well known by the gamer community, you can purchase your ipega controller and install the latest update programs. With each and every one of the respective update requirements, you can connect your controller via Bluetooth and go directly to the game without any problem. You can also look for another kind of gamepad that can be updated or acquire this kind of programs, so that Tencent Games does not notice any kind of strange activity on the part of the user.

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