How to Play Four Fingers in PubG Mobile

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The four-finger setting is used on larger mobile devices like iPads and tablets. It is a somewhat more complex asset but it is also used in large phones by specialized players of PUBG Mobile. Playing with four fingers is never going to be easy, it requires a lot of practice and coordination in both hands, to be able to carry out each and every one of the actions and basic aspects of the game and thus have a better level in the battle royale games . Here we are going to explain how you can create a four-finger configuration and what it is about.

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How to Play Four Fingers in PubG Mobile

How to Play Four Fingers in PubG Mobile

Normally, it is used by players who are specialists in the PubG Mobile or that create content for platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, because it is a highly recommended custom HUD because it allows you to distribute each and every one of the game actions on the entire screen format Instead of dividing the screen into only two sides , we divide into upper left and right sides, and lower left and right sides. Therefore, according to your preferences, you will use the four divisions of the screen to have better performance in your games.

In contrast to the three-finger configuration, the only thing we are going to do to play in this mode is to add our other index finger, that is, we will cover the screen actions on our mobile device with the two thumbs and the two index fingers. We invite you to always use the left thumb to move as in the default configuration, since in another place on the screen it will take away your field of vision, in addition to this, use the right thumb only for looking and movement of the camera so that you do not neglect your precision, the remaining actions can be supervised with the two indices according to your preference. If we manage to supervise these techniques we will be great players of PubG Mobile and of any free shooter for mobile devices.

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