How to Play Duo in PubG Mobile

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The duo mode is one of the game modes in the PubG Mobile to be able to play in pairs with any friend you have added to your account. In order to live the experience of playing the duo mode in PUBG Mobile, the first thing you are going to do is go to the main interface of the game, where the list of friends that you are going to be able to add will appear on the right hand side of the screen, we invite you to choose friends who are in exactly the same range as , so that the pairings are not so long and complicated.

So in the option where you choose the starting gender you must find the logo with a silhouette of two people, click there and you are going to write the name or the ID number that your partner with whom you want to play has, you will receive a departure request and he will decide whether to accept or reject the invitation. You can only invite colleagues who are online. 

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How to Play Duo in PubG Mobile

How to Play Duo in PubG Mobile

In case your partner admits, the pairing will start and you will be sent to the game, once you are there, the game will send you to a pre-competitive lobby where you will be able to share with your partner before the game, generally the interface used before entering a duo game in PubG Mobile is the Vikendi map. When they land in the area or city of their choice in any of the maps they are playing, they can activate their voice chat to have communication and regulate their strategies in the game, as well as, if they move away, they can locate each other quickly altogether to the map.

We recommend that when playing duo mode you use a lot of explosive weapons, such as grenades and close-range weapons, which will give you a huge advantage and you will be able to eliminate two targets if you are outnumbered, apart from Carry plenty of healing ammunition and painkillers to share with your friend.

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