How to play Apex Legends with Controller on PC

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In most of the games that we can enjoy on PC, we can connect a generic controller or an updated console to be able to play, this requires an easy procedure that most players do not know. If you are a person who enjoys Apex Legends from a PC, but you feel more comfortable playing with a controller, you are in the right place, today we are going to show you how you can connect it and play this magnificent shooter with it so that you can improve your level. 

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How to play Apex Legends with Controller on PC

How to play Apex Legends with Controller on PC

The fact that the controllers can be connected to PC has generated a huge debate among the players on this platform, since those who play with the keyboard and mouse feel at a disadvantage playing with people who are already used to using the controller. We can connect console controls such as Ps3, Ps4, Xbox XNUMX and Xbox One, and there are two methods to do so: some can be connected via Bluetooth and others have a cable that is absolutely compatible with the computer. There are some specific games that do not warn the controls, but the Apex Legends not in such a case. 

Steam is the most reliable way to be able to play and configure a controller in any game according to our preferences. In the case of Steam, one hundred percent of the games that are registered in this service client will let you play with a controller and map everything that we configure, a very complete platform that respects the tastes and game styles of each one of them. players. 

In addition, we can install a driver that will help your PC to recognize each of the controls that are connected, this is called "generic X-Input driver" and can warn Xbox and Ps4 controller on PC. With this, you will be able to play without inconvenience with your controller in Apex Legends

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