How to play Apex Legends on PC

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Apex Legends is a Battle Royale mode game with great graphic quality and audiovisual effects that make its characters look incredible, so to be able to play on PC we are going to require good features on our computer, among the minimum requirements we find: 

  • RAM memory of 6GB
  • Hard disk with free storage of two GB
  • Intel Core i3 CPU
  • Windows XNUMX as operating system

With this we will be able to play Apex Legends in low graphics. 

In case you want to play with higher quality you should opt for the recommended system:

  • Windows 64 XNUMXbit operating system
  • Intel Core i5 CPU 
  • RAM memory of 8GB
  • 22 GB of free storage
  • Nvidi GeForce GTX 970/AMD Rdeon R9 290 GPU

With these specifications you will be able to get a fluid game, with great graphical peculiarities and sixty frames per second without any problem. 

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How to play Apex Legends on PC

How to play Apex Legends on PC

In addition, you can count on two platforms to download the game and enjoy it without inconvenience, Origin and Steam, the two online stores for PC are fully capable of running the game smoothly and optimizing the controls for PC. You can configure the buttons through either of the two service clients, putting the game's actions on your keyboard, apart from pointing and shooting with the mouse for precision issues. 

PCs have a very comfortable game system for any shooter, for this reason we see many content authors playing Battle Royale like Apex, COD Mobile and Free Fire from computers. 

You must bear in mind that not all of us are good at playing from a PC, everything requires a lot of practice and that you actively play Apex Legends so that you can be one of the best players in your area. 

El Apex Legends It is an incredible and very entertaining game, computers are one of the best options for this type of game, apart from being a platform in which the community of players is more extensive. 

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