How to Play Against a Friend in PubG Mobile

PubG Mobile It is a very competitive game at the world level, it has many areas where users measure their level through 1vs1 confrontations and competitive championships, to determine who are the best players in the area. Being an online game, you may have close friends who share exactly the same love for PubG Mobile as you do, as well as making friends during your adventure in the game.

When you have spent time sharing game experiences with your friends and playing each and every one of the modalities together, it is possible that some kind of controversy begins among your group to see who is the best player, so this article is dedicated to teaching you each and every one of the possibilities that you have in the PUBG Mobile to play a game against a friend. 

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How to Play Against a Friend in PubG Mobile

How to Play Against a Friend in PubG Mobile

The first thing you should take into consideration is that both your friend's profile and yours must belong to exactly the same area, to be able to connect to the different servers that the game offers for that location, PubG Mobile has many areas around the planet, so you must make sure that both belong, for example, to the North America zone.

After the two of you meet this requirement, there are two options to play a match against a friend, the first is through the battle park, when you want to invite someone from your friends list, you must press the + sign that appears at the right side of the name of the person you want to invite to the battle park, look for the 1vs1 option on the island and you can have a short match to practice.

In addition, you can create an adapted room if you have a room card, with this you will be able to make the respective configuration to make it private and put on a 1vs1 fight, you send the access code and the id of the room to your friend through the chat Private and that's it, you'll be able to play against a friend in PubG Mobile. 

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