How to Pass the Apex Legends Pc Tutorial

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Many people have been wondering over time how to pass the tutorial of Apex Legends on pc We are now going to show you the complete guide on how to do it, apart from the solution to an inconvenience that many users face today. The tutorial is presented as a kind of combat training, in which a guide teaches you the basic mechanics of the game, how to take advantage of them and how to access the controls.

You will learn how to shoot, move, throw grenades and you will even be able to access fundamental tips that will help you to be better day by day in this game, which brings a completely new proposal to the Battle Royale mode. 

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How to Pass the Apex Legends Pc Tutorial

How to Pass the Apex Legends Pc Tutorial

In the first instance, you will be sent to a training area where you will be asked to carry out a set of activities. These include throwing grenades, shooting targets, crouching, and many more. In another section of the training you will learn how opponents are executed and the use of the unique abilities of the heroes to choose from the main menu. We invite you to select Pathfinder, a robot that has a hook capable of transporting it quickly through the game. However, countless players are reporting issues on the weapon swap tutorial on a daily basis. The tutorial is supposed to be done in five minutes, but this bug makes people take days to fill it out, and even give up the game.

This bug is due to the fact that Apex Legends does not give a predefined selection of keys, but certain ones you must aim for as a player. We don't know if it's a bug in development or if the authors want their players to feel comfortable, but the truth is that this is simply correctable.

You just have to go to the options menu and from the controls section, manage an action key to change weapons. Then, you will be able to pass the tutorial completely normally, without any kind of inconvenience. 

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