How to Move Faster in Apex Legends

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The movement system that was applied in Apex Legends It is without any doubt one of the best, as with a very sensitive format and we can move considerably faster than in another Battle Royale. This aspect is one of the most essential in the game to be able to win or lose a battle, the movement flow that was applied is very similar to what Respawn Entertainment put in the Titanfall game, where we can climb walls, slide fast and have characters with incredible agility. 

The freedom of movement that Apex Legends offers us is one of the aspects that has made the game more popular, it makes it very entertaining and we can count on very active combats, it is necessary to have a lot of reaction speed to move faster in Apex Legends. Each and every one of the players of this incredible shooter can apply techniques to be able to master the jumps, slides and the precise speed of its legendary history to be able to do it in front of the best opponents. 

How to Move Faster in Apex Legends

How to Move Faster in Apex Legends

We advise that in order to move faster in the game you hold the weapons stored when you are not in combat, this will allow you to run and reach the maximum speed of the game, two hundred and ninety nine. In addition, try to keep your legend story moving on a straight line, using the movement buttons that direct you to the left or right side makes you lose speed, you can run on a straight line and perform the movements with the game camera, in this way This way you will move considerably faster than your opponents in Apex Legends. 

It is essential that you have a high sensitivity so that you can feel the game smoother, you can make your respective settings in the main settings in the game, after you have logged in to the account of your choice. join the Apex Legends and put all these tips to the test.

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