How to Monitor Recoil in PubG Mobile

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The recoil is a well-known term in different shooting games, it is a way of expressing the recoil, a completely natural behavior in any weapon when it is fired continuously, it is an automatic movement that the barrel of a weapon makes, in such a way that it can lightly or strongly deflect incessant shots.

In most weapons, the recoil makes the barrel rise and we lose precision, in cases of weapons with excessive power, they will also be able to destabilize towards the sides, so it is necessary to learn to deal with this depending on the weapon. that we are using in the game. In this article we are going to teach you how to supervise the recoil in PUBG Mobile like a genuine pro player. 

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How to Monitor Recoil in PubG Mobile

How to Monitor Recoil in PubG Mobile

It is extremely essential that you know your weapon, in such a way that you can counteract its natural movement with the aiming when shooting it, in the case of weapons whose recoil deflects them face up, always and in all circumstances hold the sight of the weapon a little more down so that when the weapon recoils it doesn't miss any shots, move your aiming finger slightly downwards and fire in bursts so that the in-game scope doesn't get too big.

This kind of techniques require excessive practice and a lot of playing time, but when you learn to tame this kind of techniques you will be a complete player in any shooter. 

You can choose specific weapons to practice, as well as you can read about the different recoil of weapons, an attack rifle is not going to have exactly the same recoil as a sniper or a submachine gun, so it is extremely precise that you learn to supervise it . 

Also, be sure to set the sensitivity buttons in a way that is most comfortable for you to play, so that you can adjust it to the different weapons you play with often.

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