How to Make PubG Mobile Run More Smoothly

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For whatl PubG Mobile can run more fluidly than with the default statistics, we must find some way to increase the frames per second, apart from having a good internet so that the game does not present any kind of bugs, both the fps and the ms are taken hand In the article, we are going to give you certain recommendations so that the PUBG Mobile go more smoothly and you can progress your gaming experience. 

PubG Mobile since its launch has been very popular, a worldwide trend since XNUMX due to its great graphic quality, very clean and realistic content, which has attracted most game lovers. For this reason, its high graphic requirement will require phones no less than the mid/high range, so if you have a somewhat old cell phone or mobile device, you must make certain modifications in the main configuration of the game so that you can optimize it. We invite you to have a low average fps so that you can hold the game without root, in this way you will avoid lag and the game will be more fluid than normal. 

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How to Make PubG Mobile Run Smoother

How to Make PubG Mobile Run Smoother

We can also download a tool to improve the performance of PubG Mobile on any mobile device, regardless of whether it has an Android or IOS system, this app is called PUB GFX+, we will be able to get it for free at XDA Developers or by buying it from the Google Play Store for the amount of one and nine euros. Once you have downloaded and installed the application and filled the respective permissions, different features will appear to enhance your gaming experience, including resolution, lighting, style and shadows.

In addition, you can improve the graphic quality of the game in the main settings of the game, in the audio and video settings, setting most of the options that appear in the submenu to "low" according to your phone and your preferences.

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