How to Make PubG Mobile Not Warn Emulator

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The Mobile version of the PubG saga was created by Tencent Games, being a huge innovation among competitive shooters, which can be played on mobile devices and PC emulators. Many users on different sets of Facebook and Twitter have stated that the PubG Mobile on their PC does not notice the emulator, so the game gets stuck on them without being able to use any keyboard or mouse actions. In this blog post, we bring you a successful solution, we are going to explain what you should do when the emulator does not run and which ones we invite you to use. 

One of the most reliable emulators to play PubG Mobile is the Tencent Gaming Buddy, which will be your main solution when you download some strange emulator anywhere, this app was created by the developers of PUBG Mobile and other mobile games, the one that will let you play safely and reliably on your PC. This emulator can be one hundred percent detected on computers that meet the minimum requirements to play PubG Mobile.

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How to Make PubG Mobile Not Warn Emulator

Why is PubG mObile not warning the emulator?

Tencent Gaming Buddy is a free emulator on the official pages of Tencent Games, it will optimize your gaming experience in this magnificent free Battle Royale also for computers.

In case you want to support another emulator that you already have downloaded and you like its interface because it is a bit easier to handle, you should go to the emulator settings, go to applications and click on PubG Mobile, then delete each and every one of the data and the cache of the game, enabling it from scratch in your emulator to be able to be detected by the game.

This genre of games is best used on mobile devices, from time to time the emulators bring many bugs and you have to configure them too much to be able to optimize the game.

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