How to Make Macaroons in Toca Life World

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Once in "Toca life world” We go to the nearest kitchen to be able to make our macaroni, we will need sugar and eggs, before preparing them we need to buy a stove and a bowl in the store. It is time to prepare the macaroni, inside the stove we put the ingredients, eggs, water and sugar including a bit of flour, we are stirring with the bowl as long as necessary. After having our mixture made, we heat it over low heat, when you think it is necessary, turn off the stove and let the mixture rest, while it heats up, we can do what we do or change the decorations of “Toca life world".

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How to Make Macaroons in Toca Life World

How to Make Macaroons in Toca Life World

After turning off the stove, we would only have to make our macaroni, we can ask our avatars or friends or even our family for help. This is a story of how we could make macaroons in “Toca life world” Everyone has a different way of meditating and a different imagination. Another idea would be to make the macaroni for a night of video games or movies with our friends, in which we all assist each other at the time of preparing the macaroni, some carry the sugar, others the eggs and in this way give this touch to our story.

Our clothing is not far behind, as it is time to work in the kitchen, it would not hurt to prepare with a pastry or chef costume, as long as we put our imagination to the maximum there are no inconveniences, and put our role play to the test with the different avatars that we can specify in "Toca Life World", one can be a chef, another can be a waiter, a delivery man, and the rest only those who receive the macaroni or other things that we want to cook, but do not forget you are going to be all, put approve your way of meditating on “Toca Life World"

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