How to make Apex Legends go smooth

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El Apex Legends is a game that has great graphic quality and audiovisual effects very focused on the skills of each of the legends that are free in the game today. For this reason, it is necessary that we have a PC with good characteristics or play from a PS4 or Xbox One that can run the game smoothly. In case we do not have this, we are going to give you certain recommendations so that you can optimize the game and it can run more smoothly. 

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How to make Apex Legends go smooth

How to make Apex Legends go smooth

So that you do not feel that the game runs slow, you must correct the frames per second, this will allow the game to go more fluidly and you will not have that slow feeling. Without any doubt, most gamers who love games for video consoles seek more performance than quality, it is useless to have the game in high quality if it then presents you with errors while you are in the game. One of the simplest ways to increase your frames per second is through the Apex Legends command list, removing any fps restrictions you may have between your files. For this, you must:

  • Go to EA Origins and log in to the account of your choice, go to the game library and search for Apex Legends.
  • From there you choose the advanced options and put the command +fps_max unlimited and save everything.
  • With this you will be able to remove any obstacle that the operating system of your PC has placed on the game and it will be able to go more fluidly. 

In addition, in the game settings you need to make certain adjustments in the graphic quality, you can set the aspect to native, the field of view one hundred or less, disable vertical synchronization and set the texture budget according to the capacity of the game. RAM of your computer. 

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