How to Make a Clan in PubG Mobile

Clans or guilds are the best way to unite different people in the area to fulfill the ideals and goals you have in PubG Mobile. To be able to make a clan you must have certain currencies and the audacity to be able to direct enough people in pursuit of being a recognized clan. In the article, we are going to explain how to make a reputable clan in PUBG Mobile and the way we are going to create it point by point. 

The first thing you should do is get Battle Points coins, this is the most general and easiest currency in the game, we will be able to locate it through the performance in our PubG Mobile games and the number of daily and weekly missions that we spend in the game . In order to start a clan you must have at least fifty Battle Points, a fairly large amount in the game but it is not impossible to collect if you are an active and incessant player. 

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How to Make a Clan in PubG Mobile

How to Make a Clan in PubG Mobile

When you meet the first requirements you must go to the main lobby and go to the "clan" option, there you will be able to press the option to create your clan and put each and every one of the respective data, you can also put in the lower part of the profile a message with each and every one of the rules and objectives of the clan, so that each person who wants to join is very clear about the purpose of the guild and how far they want to go, in most cases, the clans try to recruit competitive players in order to have more chances to climb in the area qualifiers, and opt for a chance in reputable and competitive championships. 

Remember that in a clan the most essential thing is that everyone tries to fulfill exactly the same objective, win many games on behalf of the clan, progress the level and carry out internal championships, everything necessary to increase their level and make a good clan. 

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