How to Lower Graphics in Apex Legends

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El Apex Legends It is a game with great graphic quality, focusing on the effects of each and every one of the skills that each of its legends have, which makes it a shooter with a very original approach. In addition to this, it has an island for the Battle Royale mode that is really well graphically structured, really well-designed buildings and very realistic natural spaces, which have attracted most of the players in the community.

When you have a PC that has the minimum requirements to be able to run the Apex Legends, you need to make certain settings in order to optimize your gaming experience. In the article, we are going to explain how to lower the graphics in Apex Legends. 

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How to Lower Graphics in Apex Legends

How to Lower Graphics in Apex Legends

If you want to carry out the convenient configuration, we leave you the steps that you must follow in detail below:

  • The first thing you should do is log in to the account of your choice, where you will save each and every one of the respective settings.
  • Then, go to the main settings of the game and locate the graphics sub menu. Once there you will be able to see countless options according to the different actions that we can carry out in Apex Legends.
  • We must deactivate all kinds of vertical synchronization so that the graphics go down, as well as deactivate each and every one of the extensions of the actions carried out by the legends of the game, that is, reduce the audiovisual effects of their abilities to a minimum.
  • The transmission of textures put it according to the RAM memory of our computer, and use them in a bilinear way. Adjust the quality of the island environment and suppress shadow coverage, these two aspects are the most essential to lower the graphics and increase the performance of your game. 

The last touches to lower the graphics is to put your character details on low, it will increase your frames per second and you will have the feeling that your legend story moves a little faster. join the Apex Legends and makes each and every fine adjustment. 

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