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PubG Mobile is a shooting game that has become a worldwide trend over the years, because it was one of the first shooters released for mobile devices and its community has been loyal to it despite the fact that other competing games such as Free Fire and fortnite. The reality is that PubG Mobile has great graphic quality, and compared to other shooting games you can have multiple accounts and play in any and every area of 鈥嬧媡he planet if you want to, which makes it truly amazing.

Therefore, there are many ways how to log in to PUBG Mobile and be able to open an account, in the article, we will explain the entire procedure. 

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How to Login to PubG Mobile

How to Login to PubG Mobile

When you get to the game for the first time and you have just downloaded it, like any beginner player you do not handle each and every one of the facets of the game, therefore, when you enter the game the only thing you will see is a large cover image, but, How do we log in? It's easy, four options will appear near the screen that you can press to create an account or start a session, in the case of PubG Mobile We have two social networks that you can link to the game through your mobile device, Facebook and Twitter, with the respective data of each account you can log in to the game.

On the other hand, the third option is through an e-mail or a Google Play Games account, to be able to log in with them they will send you an email confirming that you are requiring the account to play PubG Mobile. Finally, you can log in as a guest in any area when you are new to the game and want to try the game, you will most likely end up creating an official account because PuBG Mobile is a great game.

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