How to Log Out of PubG Mobile

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In PubG Mobile, we will be able to manage different accounts on multiple servers, this great shooting game is a worldwide trend, and you will be able to share your gaming experience with different users around the planet if you want. It is essential that you know how to log out of PubG Mobile, so that you can manage each of the accounts that you have in your possession. 

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How to Log Out of PubG Mobile

How to Log Out of PubG Mobile

We can have an account PubG Mobile linked to social networks like Facebook or Twitter, or simply an account linked to Google Play Games, which is going to be a general account for each and every one of the games that we have on our mobile device. When you have an active account and it opens automatically every time you log into the game, and for some reason you're sick of playing on it.

The first thing you should do is go to the basic settings of the PubG Mobile, if you go down slowly and examine each and every one of the options that the basic settings leave you, an alternative called "disconnect" will appear where you will be able to close your account easily and without penalty. Wait times in PubG Mobile are generally handled when we make a change of zone or server, logging out will not reflect any kind of wait. The community at the world level is very competitive, you may like to play in different areas to test the level of each of the PubG Mobile users, so it is essential that you follow each of the steps to logout and log in to the game, in such a way that it does not affect the activity that you carry in your accounts. 

Account and zone changes in the PubG Mobilee are absolutely legal, you should not worry about making these changes at any time. 

You may also want to log out because you help a friend to level up his account or advise him to recharge in the game, you must request each and every one of his account data to log in without any problem and that the account does not be blocked.

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