How to Locate the White Raven in Apex Legends

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The white crow is a fundamental challenge for each and every one of the Apex Legends users, it is located in Bloohound and in the article, we will help you locate it. Some users tend to choose their preferred game modes based on the mechanics that this one has, while others focus on the story. Apex Legends It has both, the Respawn Entertainment company added a way that you can learn about your favorite legend story.

Through the Customs and Dawns event, which is included with Apex Chronicles, it will take each and every user on a unique journey not seen in other Battle Royale games. For this, you will need to start with Bloodhound, playing his chronicles. In order to fill the Bloodhound chronicles you should not enter a ranked game, we invite you to enter a normal game in the perfect end of the planet mode. 

How to Find the White Raven in Apex Legends

How to Locate the White Raven in Apex Legends

The location of the white crows can be found on Shrugtal's twitter, a very popular player who dedicates himself to leaking secrets of the game.Game Apex Legendyes Collecting the white ravens lets you unlock more episodes of the Bloodhound Legendary Story Chronicles. These chronicles are extremely essential for each and every one of the Apex Legends players because through them we can learn most of the history of the game and its legends, a very interesting event that has left each and every one of the Delighted community users. 

The stories of the legends in Apex Legends are developed more as updates are added, which will let us know a little more about each of the characters in the game. 

Join the Apex Legends and discover each of the stories of the legends, which are very interesting. Respawn Entertainment is adding new legends every day with which you can feel like a better player. 

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