How to Link my PubG Mobile Account

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PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale created for mobile after the tremendous heyday that the game had on PCs. If you have problems with backup copies and want to have an account to be able to access from any device, we will show you how to link your account from PUBG Mobile. Most of us start the game with a guest account. This means that the data is not stored in a secure cloud, but rather, with certain inactivity, or by uninstalling the application, it will be lost. If you want to learn how to link your account PUBG Mobile So that all your progress is saved safely and you can access it from the device you want, just by having access to the account, now we show you the procedure.

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How to Link My PubG Mobile Account

How to Link My PubG Mobile Account

First, you must create an email account. It can be whatever it is, but we recommend that it be Gmail. This will make everything easier, since this account can then be used in the Google Play Store to access. You can also do it with Facebook or Twitter. The least recommended option is Twitter, so you better not go there. Fb is a more comfortable. If you access with Facebook, your data will be safe and you will also be able to choose your profile picture without any inconvenience. 

Finally, you must enter the data in the application, from the main menu. This will cause the system to create a folder where your progress will be saved, in an address that is only known by this system and the service you use to link your PUBG Mobile account. 

Lastly, make sure to save your login details in a safe place, so you will never lose them and they will serve you for as long as you continue in the game. The most convenient thing is that if you use google by default, save everything in your Gmail account. 

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