How to know my Username in Coin Master

How to know my Username in Coin Master

How to know my username in Coin Master? This is an essential question that many users of this successful game ask themselves. Since this is an accurate data for many things, since through your id you can be contacted by your friends for a considerably more enjoyable game.

Many players take their username very seriously in games and different platforms. They will probably become known gamers and this is how their followers will be able to locate them. It can be noted that Coin Master let change id as many times as you want.

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How to know my Username in Coin Master

How to know my Username in Coin Master

Do you want to verify your username in Coin Master? Enter the game, and just above your village, you will be able to see your user and profile picture.

Your username in Coin Master depends on how you created your account in this application. Or from which of your social networks you have linked.

Coin Master account created from Facebook

If you entered Coin Master with your Facebook account, your user and profile picture will be exactly the same as you have on this social network. In other words, to change your username, you must necessarily change it in your Facebook account. However, Facebook limits you somewhat, so you can't make as many changes as you want per year.

Coin Master account created through iTunes, Amazon or Google Play

Although not usual, certain players use these platforms to play Coin Master. When creating an account in Coin Master from any of these, it will ask you to enter a user and a profile image or photograph. In contrast to when you create your account from Facebook, your username and photo will not be able to be changed. To find out what your id looks like in Coin Master, you must check the upper part of your village, there you will see your username and profile picture.

Guest Coin Master Account

When you enter Coin Master as a guest, you do not create a profile, therefore you cannot alter your username or profile picture. In addition to this as a guest you cannot save your progress in the game either. That is why it is convenient that if you are going to play Coin Master, you create an account, in which you can play and save your progress in the game.

Where can I see my Coin Master username? Regardless of how you create your account, your username will always be seen at the top of your village.

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