How to know if my PC runs Apex Legends

Apex Legends it is a Battle Royal in which your strategic abilities, your psyche and your shooting skills will define if you are good or not. Although it is an enjoyable game to spend hours on, it is not something that any computer can run. If you have ever wondered how to know if my PC runs Apex Legends? In this guide we are going to show you the minimum requirements for a PC, apart from the things that you must estimate to start playing. 

Apex Legends It came out in XNUMX. This means that its developers kept in mind the minimum console requirements, apart from the most powerful technology at that time to develop its graphical environment. 

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How to know if my PC runs Apex Legends

How to know if my PC runs Apex Legends: Requirements

The game is constantly improving and always has new developments, but when it comes to graphics and PCs, the requirements remain exactly the same as back then. We must bear in mind that it is convenient for EA to have more players inside, but if it optimizes its game for less robust PCs, they will surely lose players. 

And that is the problem of the developer. Creating a game in which certain people are not excluded is something impossible, considering the diversity of technology that exists today. 

  • The minimum requirements to play Apex Legends are at least sixty-four bit Windows 3,8. If you don't have at least this, you won't be able to play it. So you need at least a 3GHz processor. An Intel Core iXNUMX would be fine this time.
  • You'll also need at least 22GB of RAM and at least XNUMXGB of free space. This in order for the game to install updates and data bundles that let you run to the limit. 

And these are the minimum requirements to play Apex Legends. Keep in mind that this is a value designed to play with the graphics as little as possible. IF your PC complies with all , then there should be NO problem with the download.

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