How to Join a Room in PubG Mobile

The rooms are a way of being able to play adapted games in the PubG Mobile. Sometimes the matchmaking that takes place in the game is very cumbersome, the matchmaking queue lasts a long time to be able to connect to a game for different options. One of them is that your internet is not working optimally, or you simply have to wait a certain amount of time because they have not yet found at least eighty players to start a Battle Royale game.

In case you have the possibility to create a room or have a friend who can create it, you can enter a room in PUBG Mobile simply, in the article we are going to explain the entire procedure to enter a room. 

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How to Join a Room in PubG Mobile

How to Join a Room in PubG Mobile

In order to have a room in the game we must have a room card in the inventory, this is a room card that will serve as our pass to create an adapted room in the game, we can achieve it through clan points or by investing real money in PubG Mobile to exchange it for the Royale Pass Elite. In case you do not have enough money to invest in the game, it is possible that a friend, a member of your clan or simply anyone you met playing in your area can invite you to play an adapted room, so you have to know about how to enter the room and where to locate it.

The first thing you should do is enter the room option, which appears in the main settings in the game, pressing there will show each and every one of the rooms that are created, regardless of whether they are public or private. In general, your friend will have the private room so that other players from the community do not enter, in such a case you will have to know the access code that your friend gave to the room to be able to enter. In addition to this, there will be many rooms created on the server, so you must have the identity code of the room you want to enter in order to locate it precisely and not get confused.

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