How to Invite Friends in Apex Legends

Apex Legends It is a game that you can enjoy in solo, duo and squad mode, so you can play according to your preferences. For the most part, we like to play in large groups, as we can share our gaming experience with other people and make the game considerably more entertaining. For this reason, in the article we are going to explain one of the easiest aspects, but that not every one of the players in the community knows: How to invite friends in Apex Legends.  

This magnificent Battle Royale has a very extensive community worldwide, each and every one of the users are very competitive and always look for users who have legendary history with synergy, in order to create a balanced squad and be able to opt for participate in competitive championships. The Electronics Arts company carries out great championships divided into their zones, each and every one of the users wants to be the best in their zone, so they practice a lot and try to compete each and every one of the seasons to be in high ranks. 

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How to Invite Friends in Apex Legends

How to Invite Friends in Apex Legends

You can play the qualifying games together, to invite a friend on PC you just have to confirm that they are online in your friends list, and press the “+” icon that appears next to their profile, with this you will send an invitation to any of them. the game modes together and your friend will be able to admit or refuse according to their availability. 

You can apply this procedure when you play from the console, in the case of Ps4, you must go to the initial menu in the main lobby after having logged in with the account of your choice. You press the right joystick R3 and the option will appear to choose the friend you want to invite to your group to play some games. 

Try to find friends in the game that have the same rank as you and don't play exactly the same legendary story as , so that they can have a balanced team and get synergy, as they have different skills that can save everyone in different situations in the battlefield in Apex Legends.

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