How to Invite a Friend in PubG Mobile

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When we play PubG Mobile, it is possible that it is really difficult for us to add a close friend, because as it is a world-class game, it is very possible that we find people with similar names and it is really difficult for you to locate them in the play. If you are looking for a way to invite a friend to play PubG Mobile, you are in the right place, today we are going to teach you how to invite your friend so that they can join this magnificent saga, and how are you going to You can easily find it in the game. 

Currently, there are quite a few people who, no matter how original they create their profile on the PUBG Mobile, there are other users near the area where you have decided to play with related names. In order to find your friend in the game we invite you to use his ID card. 

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How to Invite a Friend in PubG Mobile

How to Invite a Friend in PubG Mobile

The ID card is a very original way of being able to locate a person precisely in PubG Mobile, it is similar to a business card of a doctor or a lawyer, we simply use it to share our name in detail in the game, the level that our avatar has, and a sequence of numbers and letters that will be our registration identification in the game, putting the ID sequence in the interface where we add friends, precisely that account that we have been looking for so much will appear. 

After that, when you already have it added and it is online, you can invite it to any game mode in Duo, You can create a game in duo and place it on the right side of the screen, press the + sign and make an invitation to the game for your friend, a super easy procedure. 

Keep in mind that you can only play with your friend if they belong to the exact same zone as you in PubG Mobile, so you must regulate that the two accounts belong to the same place.

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