How to Install Apex Legends Without Origin

Apex Legends It is a multiplatform game, you can play it from PC, consoles, and this March XNUMX its version for mobile devices was launched, a total innovation for the entire community. Origin is the platform that most PC gamers use, as it is a store developed by the exact same company that contributes to the game, called Electronics Arts. However, this is not the only way to play the Apex Legends, in the article, we are going to explain to you how you can install this magnificent shooter without using Origin. 

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How to Install Apex Legends Without Origin

How to Install Apex Legends Without Origin

Another of the best-known platforms for all kinds of PC games is Steam, an online store that also has its service client for each and every one of the computers. Steam is also an alternative that will let you optimize el Apex Legends for PC, configure it, and play it in the best possible way. The Steam account is very similar to the Origin account, when you need to play Apex Legends, you can link an Electronic Arts account to complete the procedure.

The Steam platform can be achieved on its official page in any internet browser, installing it is a very simple process, you only need to enter the page and examine the entire procedure, after you have the service client, in it you choose your browser and you found the Apex Legends, click on the download option and ready, you will complete the installation with another format that is not Origin. 

Many users of the community are dedicated to making comparisons with respect to the two gaming platforms that the game has today. Apex Legends, but the reality is that both work perfectly and help you improve your gaming experience with this Battle Royale and other related games. You can try both and see how you feel more comfortable. 

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