How to Install and Play PubG Mobile for PC

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PubG Mobile It is a game that started only for mobile devices, but with the development of the saga they had to enable it for PC as well. Many players do not know all the procedure they must carry out to be able to play it from a computer, so this article is dedicated to those users who are lovers of PubG in mobile version and require it for their PC.

Like any mobile device game, we will need an emulator so that the game can run as smoothly as possible, in such a case we invite you to download gameloop, an incredible emulator that was developed and developed by the exact same company that created the PUBG Mobile,Tencent Games.

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How to Install and Play PubG Mobile for PC

How to Install and Play PubG Mobile for PC with emulator

This emulator has a huge reputation and respect from the entire gaming community, you can get it from the official pages of Tencent Games or anywhere. After you have this emulator you will be able to access the Google Play Store without inconvenience, look for the PubG Mobile and download it like on any mobile device.

From there, you will go to the button configuration, already with PubG Mobile downloaded you will be able to configure each of the actions to use them with the keyboard and the mouse, there are some users in the community who claim that playing PubG in PC is more comfortable due to the fact that they can carry out two actions at the same time, but the truth is that this game was developed for mobile devices and computers as long as it had certain bugs. 

You must keep in mind that to play PubG Mobile, your PC must have mid-range features so that it can run optimally. With practice and many games you will get used to playing with mouse and keyboard, you will probably become a great player. Join PubG Mobile and live the experience of playing it from a PC. 

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