How to Increase Merit in PubG Mobile

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Merit points are almost a scale on the PubG Mobile to match your avatar according to your behavior in the game and the things you do with your teammates, members of the clan you belong to or your games together. These points are intended to distance each and every toxic player in the community from users who are truly into gaming and having fun.

In matchups you will find people with exactly the same merit points as , so it is up to you if you want to play with people with some kind of toxic behavior or with those players who are truly dedicated to living the good experience of the game. Here we are going to explain how you can increase merit in the game PUBG Mobile so that you enter the best games.

How to Increase Merit in PubG Mobile

How to Increase Merit in PubG Mobile

All players of this incredible shooter start with one hundred merit points, which can go up or down depending on your activity in the game. Each of the users, regardless of the area, can increase their merit by having good behavior in traditional games. Players receive three Merit genres for those who finish in the top one of the Battle Royale, while those who place between the top one and fifty are given only two Merits. These are the only ways to increase them, but it will have a lot to do with your level in the game and that you play without commenting on any kind of offensive language or that you do not assist your teammates in the game. 

In addition, you must be very careful not to lose the merit points that you have already found during your adventure in the PubG Mobile, if you go afk in a game you will lose many merit points, as well as the offenses will lower those points according to how many you have made in the game.

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