How to Increase FPS in Apex Legends 

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The frames per second are an essential part in the Apex Legends to be able to increase the performance of the game, because with this we will be able to have greater speed and capture actions that other players will not see. For any community of players that is very competitive, they need to play with high fps to be better than the rest, although it is true that Apex Legends works really well in normal conditions, it is necessary to increase its performance more than normal to have an advantage against other players. In this article, we are going to explain how to increase the fps in Apex Legends

How to Increase FPS in Apex Legends 

How to Increase FPS in Apex Legends 

The most advisable thing in any game is that your speed can run at sixty frames per second that are absolutely stable, for this we invite you to carry out the following steps:

The first thing you should do is remove all kinds of restrictions regarding the fps that the game puts on you. In the event that you play on PC, you must open Origins, go to the game library and press Apex Legends, choose each and every one of the advanced options in its properties, and attach the code to the list of commands +fps_max unlimited, save the whole process and this will increase the performance to the highest possible capacity that your computer has. 

In other cases, if your device is good enough you can exploit that capacity, strengthen it to the limit and increase to one hundred fps is necessary if you have a quality computer, to achieve this you must place: 

  • The aspect ratio must be native or lower.
  • Our lower resolution
  • Field of view no more than one hundred percent  
  • Frame resolution at zero
  • Textures according to the RAM memory of your PC. 

With this you will be able to take the game to its maximum performance capacity and increase the fps in a matter of seconds in Apex Legends. 

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