How to Have Weapon in Lobby PubG Mobile

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If you want to have a bit of style and look good for the companions you invite to join your games, then you will find it interesting to know how to have a weapon in the PUBG Mobile Lobby. Learn this trick here.

PUBG Mobile is identified as being somewhat aesthetic. The better you look, the better players will think of you, and seeing someone with a gun in the lobby will definitely make other people turn to look at your character. To have a gun in the lobby at PUBG Mobile only one thing is needed. If you don't have it, then you won't be able to do this trick and start shooting other people in the no battle zone. 

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How to Have Gun in Lobby PubG Mobile

How to Have Gun in Lobby PubG Mobile

It's about the skins. You must have a permanent skin on the weapon you wish to display in the lobby. This causes that you can not wear the one you want, but rather the one to which you have put more affection. That said, we recommend you buy one. You can do this by moving UC or crafting it with the materials you get. 

The first step is to access the inventory from the main menu. Now choose the weapon you want other players to see. If you have multiple, make sure you choose the most attractive one. The ideal is to have the M4, but this is quite difficult to happen. Now just equip it so your player can be seen loading it in the main menu and start a match. You can see that now you still have the ability to shoot people and cars. Puncture the tires of those you find getting into cars to make fun of them. 

The last thing left would be to win the game. Players are going to make fun of you when you lose for being so smug in the lobby when you can't make it to the top fifty.

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