How to Have Two Coin Master Accounts on the Same Cell Phone

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Having two Coin Master accounts has become an alternative option to achieve more spins and coins, and therefore greater rewards. There are still players who are not satisfied, and have created up to 5 accounts at the same time. If you want to know how to have two accounts Coin Master on exactly the same cell phone, follow certain instructions and you will get it.

Currently, there are two known ways to have at least two Coin Master accounts open on the exact same device. However, there are those who prefer to open an account on the mobile device and another from a computer.

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How to Have Two Coin Master Accounts on the Same Cell Phone

How to Have Two Coin Master Accounts on the Same Cell Phone

Having two Coin Master accounts allows you to:

  • Continue playing Coin Master when running out of spins on the main account
  • Get cards that you may not have in the main account in trading them to fill the collections
  • Perform cross-account attacks

To get two Coin Master accounts there are two different ways.

Method One Sign Out and Sign In

This is considered the simplest and safest way to have multiple Coin Master accounts on your device. To enter one or the other account, disconnect from Facebook (if they are linked) and from Coin Master and log in with the other account. You just have to:

  • Enter the game and go to the menu at the top left and look for the option to log out. This alternative will probably appear on the main screen of the game.
  • Open your Facebook with the other account
  • Login to Coin Master with the new Facebook
  • Every time you want to change accounts, close the session of the game and Facebook and open again with the account you are going to use.

Method two Clone the game

With this procedure, the aim is to duplicate the game application and if you want, the Facebook application. This allows you to have two active accounts at all times. You have to know that the applications that allow this action are only available for Android devices. To execute this procedure you must:

  • Enter the Play Store and search for the app that lets you duplicate CoinMaster. Certain employees are Paracell Space-MultiAccounts, App Cloner and Apk Editor, among many others.
  • Install and open the app. Then go into settings to select the Coin Master icon and point out that this is the app you are going to duplicate.
  • By managing to duplicate the Coin Master app, you will be able to realize that the app will have the exact same game icon plus a different name. This is so as not to confuse the original app with the cloned one.

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