How to Have Two Accounts in PubG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile is a game where it is sometimes convenient to know how to access more than one account. Whether it's because you want to start from scratch, or you want to try things on a new one without affecting your rank, you'll know how to have two accounts in PUBG Mobile. Keep in mind that this is a fairly easy process, but you won't be able to access exactly the same features as on your primary account. This means that in the new one, you will start from scratch, and if you want customizable aspects, then you will have to pay for them.

There are a couple ways to have two accounts in PUBG Mobile. Or you log in with your social networks, or create a new account. We explain how.

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How to Have Two Accounts in PubG Mobile

How to Have Two Accounts in PubG Mobile

The first way is easier, more precise of certain things so that you can do it. First you need to have never logged in to PUBG Mobile with any of your social networks, such as Facebook. In a simple way, to apply this procedure you must have registered with only one of your accounts.

If this is not your case, then move on to the next procedure which is absolutely safe. Now you just need to find the accounts that are not linked to PUBG Mobile, log out of the game and start again with it. Keep in mind that you can only do this with the Google Play Store and Facebook. The second procedure is to create a new Gmail account from the Google page. Now you just need to link it to your phone and use it to register in the game. 

In short, you can easily have two PUBG Mobile accounts in two ways. Either by registering a personal account that you have never played with, after logging out of the game, or by creating a new Gmail email with Google.

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