How to have the Royale Pass at no cost in PubG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile is a third person shooter whose main objective was to be innovative, offering new game mechanics to each and every one of the multiplayer platform enthusiasts. In truth, this was the first Battle Royale of all, in its version for computers. 

It is a game in which a hundred people are thrown on an island full of weapons, cars and all kinds of enhancement accessories, which allow the player to have more advantages in the game. Despite being quite entertaining and being able to be played for free, it is well known that in order to access certain peculiarities it is necessary to pay a bit. And it is that most of the objects that you can unlock or acquire require the Royale Pass. In this sense, if you cannot acquire it now, we are going to show you the way to have the Royale Pass at no cost in PUBG Mobile.

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How to get the Royale Pass at no cost in PubG Mobile

How to get the Royale Pass at no cost in PubG Mobile

Although "free" does not completely define what we are going to do, because in each and every way we will have to pay, the way in which we will get the money does not require any kind of investment. It's all about Google Opinion rewards. Google Opinion is a platform that offers money to those who answer surveys. It's not something that will earn you enough money to get rich and buy everything in the game. However, it will serve us well.

You just have to register in the application with your personal email to start getting money. So, everything you collect can be withdrawn from a Paypal account. Finally, this money is used to acquire the Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile.

We cannot cheat, you will have to dedicate a good time to it. However, the sacrifices will be rewarded, and the truth is that this platform pays much better than any other, so it will take even less time than doing it from another site.

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