How to Have Infinite Life in PubG Mobile

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When we talk about difficult and highly competitive games, we can say that PUBG Mobile perfectly meets both descriptions. If you want to have a bit of an advantage that allows you to be over the average player, in this article we will try to explain how to have infinite life in PUBG Mobile. There are countless hacks of PUBG Mobile. Among them there are quite useful ones, which let you do impossible things, like aim at someone who is right behind you and hit him directly in the head.

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How to Have Infinite Life in PubG Mobile

How to Have Infinite Life in PubG Mobile

The aimbot is free, which fulfills the function that we have seen previously. There are also wallhacks, which let you see through the walls and find your opponents more easily. Another interesting good is known as the vision of god, which contains those previously mentioned, apart from a function that lets you know precisely what weapon an opponent has. 

However, today the existence of a code that allows infinite life in PUBG Mobile. This is because the game code is written so that the value of life is immutable and can only regenerate at maximum speed, every so often.

An infinite life script in PUBG Mobile It requires that one of these conditions be met in order to exist. In this way, you can take advantage of this mechanic to regenerate quickly when you are injured. If the life value were toggle then the script would be easier. It would only be necessary to increase it and there the inconvenience would end. If this is not the case, you can resort to creating a function that makes the game see you as a player on the opposing players' team. 

This code is quite complicated, but it does its job. The rest of the players cannot hurt you, unless they use grenades. 

In the end, its existence is impossible due to the fact that it is something that alters the processes of the game until the moment that you can be banned.

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